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Valras Plage, South of France best beaches




valras plage beach resort


Valras Plage beach close to Beziers is a typical Southern France beach resort. Ringed with lots of decent restaurants, a harbour and plenty of shops, Valras plage also offers you plenty of things to do when you want a break from the beach.

This South of France beach has clean, warm water and the beach itself is well maintained (it has been awarded the European Blue Flag for clean water for the last 18 years). Valras Plage is the beach of choice for many of the local residents from the nearby city of Beziers and it tends to fill up after 4.00pm as people clock off from work.



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The wide open expanse of sand at Valras Plage, France, comfortably accommodates large numbers of holiday makers, allowing you enough room to spread out and relax. If you prefer big sandy beaches, then Valras Plage beach is perfect. The section of the beach near the centre, has lovely children's play area. The sea is very shallow at this part of the Languedoc coast, so great for kids.

There is also plenty to do after the beach with lots of restaurants, boutiques and ice cream stalls. During the summer there is also a children's adventure park and fairground rides just by the harbour.




Valras Plage beach, South of France best beach


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Valras Plage is the Southern-most beach close to Beziers. Historically, Valras Plage was a small fishing village. At the end of the 19th Century, a railway line was built from Beziers to Valras Plage and following the rapid rise in popularity from day trippers, a resort was quickly built up around the beach. Although the railway line (and later a tramway) have now disappeared, there is a direct bus service from Beziers to Valras Plage (Line 3 and Line E) and the beach remains very popular with the locals (Biterrois - residents of Beziers).

You can drive to Valras Plage, France, one of two ways. Either from junction 35 of the A9 along the D64 or from junction 36 of the A9 and and follow the road past the pleasant medieval village of Vendres.




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