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Best 4 beaches to visit in Collioure South France

collioure beaches south france


Collioure, with its four beaches has to be up the top of the list as the best Languedoc coastal town to visit in 2024. Although the beaches are small and often busy, the views of the tranquil sea and Pyrenees are spectacular. The Bay of Collioure is like a scene from a postcard, with the houses ringing the promenade around the bay and the cliffs tumbling into the sea. I just enjoy spending time in Collioure. You never tire of the view looking out over the bay and there is just something really relaxing about the place.

You also have the wonderful town of Collioure on-hand with its restaurants (including a Michelin-star restaurant), boutiques and art trails to keep you amused. The stony beach in front of the famous church in Collioure is one of our favourite Languedoc beaches to visit in the early part of the summer.

We even drive down to Collioure in the winter months as well and grab lunch on the quayside overlooking the Boromar beach and gazing out over the Mediterranean sea. Collioure just has that quality about it that it is the perfect pick-me-up. I don't know if it is to do with the light down here or the fact that you have this old town that you know has not changed for centuries, but we always drive back in a better mood.



Best 4 beaches to visit in Collioure South France

collioure south france


Situated on the sunny Côte Vermeille, the small Catalan coastal town of Collioure has been attracting holidaymakers for over a century. Collioure has also been painted by a number of celebrated artists who have stayed in the town over the years - from Derain to Matisse to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Picasso and Joan Miro. Collioure with its little harbour, famous church and castle and the mazy old town, is the perfect place for a day with the family. You can combine sunbathing, swimming, a nice lunch, a little shopping and a bit of sight seeing all in one go.  


There are 4 beaches in Collioure itself:

  • Nord beach - which is located on the other side of St Vincent beach, towards Argeles sur Mer. Here the surf tends to roll in a bit more than on the other beaches. The beach here is quite mainly stones, but the water is crystal clear and a lovely turquoise colour.
  • St Vincent beach Collioure - this is a popular beach in Collioure. It tends to get less crowded than Boromar beach and Boutigue beach. St Vincent beach is located just next to the beautiful church and it offers lovely views over the bay. The beach is sandy and popular with kayakers and wind-surfers. There is also a small diving school here.
  • Boromar beach in Collioure - is located right in the heart of Collioure, just in front of the many harbourside restaurants. The beach is quite stoney, but you have the perfect view of the church and castle in Collioure
  • Boutigue Plage, Collioure - this beach is very popular with families. Boutigue beach looks directly out onto the bay and provides wonderful views of the castle.

There are also a number of other beaches near to Collioure which you can also try visiting. Ouille Plage is a lovely small beach just to the North of Collioure (in the direction of Argeles sur Mer). The beach is located in a shallow cove, with cliffs on either side. It is a nice sandy beach, which is often less crowded than the beaches in the town. Reguers beach is a small stoney beach to the south of Collioure, in the direction of Port Vendres and Banyuls. Further afield you have the lovely large sweeping beaches of Argeles-sur-Mer.


collioure best beaches france


Collioure is located due south of Perpignan, close to the Spanish border. We always find that the best route to follow is to exit the A9 autoroute at Le Boulou and following the signs to Argeles sur Mer (then head in the direction of Banyuls).


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