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4 Best Beziers beaches France to visit in 2024

best beaches near beziers france


There are a number of excellent beaches near the town of Beziers in South France and here we have picked out our 4 favourite beaches. Beziers is located 15kms inland from the Languedoc coast. The city is located on a high rocky plain, overlooking the Orb valley down towards the beaches of the Languedoc. There are 4 main beaches near Beziers: Portirangues Plage, Serignan Plage, Valras Plage and Vias Plage. All of these Beziers beaches can be reached in 20-25 mins.


4 best beaches to visit near Beziers, France   

  1. Vias Plage beach
  2. Serignan Plage beach France
  3. Portiragnes Plage France
  4. Valras Plage beaches


The 4 Best Beziers beaches to visit

We live about 15 mins from Beziers, near the historical town of Pezenas. We are lucky that we can visit the beaches near Beziers all year around. In the summer it does get very busy with traffic, but the roads to the beaches near Beziers don't tend to get as busy as the roads around Cap d'Agde. The beaches as well are not as choc-a-block with holidaymakers (except close to the campsites). The Mediterranean sea around Beziers is also very clean and all of these beaches have received the Blue Flag award for the cleanliness of the beaches. Beziers is a great place to be based in France for a long weekend or summer holiday. There is a TGV train station in the centre of Beziers, as well as an international airport in between Beziers and the coast. Beziers airport has regular cheap flights to the UK, Germany and Sweden (as well as Paris). Beziers is historically the capital of the wine industry in South France and the countryside is dominated by vineyards in all directions. Beziers has recently been discovered to be the oldest town in France. Archaeological research has found evidence of a settlement on the site of Beziers which dates back to before the Phoenicians and Romans arrived in the area.

The beaches around Beziers stretch for over 25 kms and are often named after the nearby coastal towns and villages. The beaches have been attracting visitors since the mid-19th century, when the first railway line was built from Beziers to the coast. The beach resorts were quickly developed to cater for the day-trippers and the growing trend of the locals moving to the coast during the summer to enjoy the cooling sea breezes. Here we feature the 4 best beaches to visit close to Beziers.


#1 Best beaches near Beziers, France: Vias Plage

x Vias Plage


Vias Plage is located close to Beziers airport in between Cap d'Agde and Valras Plage. Vias Plage has some of the warmest water in the Languedoc on account of its gently sloping beach and shallow waters. You will of course find beaches with better facilities in Languedoc, but as an overall package, this Vias Plage beach tops them all.

The beach at Vias Plage is a beautifully protected area perfect for families with young children. There are also a couple of nice beach bars in Vias Plage (far better than some of the tourist trap restaurants in the main resort.


vias plage south france


To get to Vias Plage beach, South France, come off the A9 at junction 34 and take the RN312 to Vias. Then follow the signs to Vias plage.

We always head right into the heart of Vias Plage, where all the beach bars, restaurants and shops are, and then take a right turn past the campsite. If you keep following the track you will come to another car park that invariably has spaces. We prefer this area of Vias plage as the beach is usually quieter. 

See Vias Plage for further information on this great beach in South France.






#2 Best Beziers France beaches: Serignan Plage 

x Serignan Plage


Serignan Plage is an interesting beach, with large sand dunes separating the beach from a large nature reserve formed in the mouth of the River Orb as it enters the sea. Serignan Plage stretches for 3kms and encompasses 5 different beaches: La Grande Maire, La Chapelle, the Seoune, the naturist beach and the Orpellières Plage.

The beaches at Serignan Plage are cleaned daily. Serignan Plage first received its Blue Flag award for the quality of the beach and the water in 2009 and it has retained this European quality standard ever since.

Every year the local municipality works hard to protect the beach from erosion, including planting 'desert plants' to protect the sand dunes at the back of the beach from wind erosion and constructing 'groynes' all along the beach using Chestnut wood to prevent tidal erosion of the beach.


serignan plage france

Serignan Plage is a popular South France beach destination, especially amongst naturists who have their own camping village and a separate section of the beach. Serignan Plage offers plenty of space to spread out and enjoy beach games on the wide expanse of golden sand. 

Visit Serignan Plage for more information on this wild and interesting Mediterranean beach in South France





#3 Best beach near Beziers, France: Portiragnes Plage

poitirangues plage


Situated next to Vias Plage, is the narrow strip of sand at Portiragnes Plage. The main reason I rate this beach is because there is a fantastic beach bar (Les Voiles) located at Portiragnes Plage West.

Portiragnes is located about 5kms from the village of Portiragnes. Portiragnes Plage is made up of holiday homes and a couple of campsites. It is quite nice to walk around because all the local residents are geeting about on bicycles.

Close to Portiragnes Plage is the Canal du Midi, where you can enjoy a nice picnic and watch the canal boats float past.


portiragnes plage france


The main beach in the centre of Portiragnes is very small, but if you walk either to the left or the right, the beach opens out. Portiagnes is popular with windsurfers, wakeboarders and sailors. You will also see a lot of anglers fishing in the sea (although I have never ever seen anybody catch anything though).






#4 Beziers beaches to visit: Valras Plage

x Valras plage


Valaras Plage is located next to Serignan Plage on the southern bank of the Orb river. Valras Plage provides a wide expanse of sand which can comfortably accommodates large numbers of holiday makers.

Valras Plage has a number of campsites which can make certain sections of the beach quite busy during the summer months, but there is normally plenty of space to spread out and relax. There is also plenty to do after the beach with lots of restaurants, boutiques and ice cream stalls.

During the summer there is also a children's adventure park and fairground rides just by the harbour.


valras plage france


We visit Valras Plage every year as we have friends who have a mobile home down by the beach and they drive down from England for their annual vacation. 

For more information about this great Mediterranean beach please visit Valras Plage South France.







Where to next . . .?

If you are planning a trip to the South of France in 2024, then Beziers is an excellent location. Beziers has its own airport and Ryanair runs cheap flights to Beziers from Sweden, Belgium, the UK & Ireland. Beziers also has some excellent beaches nearby and the accommodation is considerably cheaper than Cote d'Azur. The restaurant scene in Beziers is also going through a renaissance, with 3 of the best Chefs in the Languedoc running restaurants in the city. Beziers has some excellent restaurants, but you also shouldn't miss out on one of the biggest festivals in the South of France (Beziers' Feria), some fantastic local vineyards and the beautiful countryside nearby. Beziers is reputedly, the oldest town in France and the historic centre is a joy to walk around. From a tourism perspective, Beziers has plenty to see and do.

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