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5 low cost Airports in Languedoc Roussillon, South France

marseille airportWhen we began Go Languedoc 17 years ago, I would say that around 50% of our customers took the long drive down from Ireland and the UK. Now it is less than 20%.

The growth in low cost flights to the Languedoc region has helped to expand the number of tourists visiting the region by 24% between 2005 and 2021 and tourism now accounts for over 13% of GDP in Languedoc-Roussillon.


Even though most ex-Pats I bump into in the Languedoc take great fun in knocking Ryanair and Easyjet, what they cannot escape is the unfortunate truth that these budget airlines providing cheap flights to Languedoc airports, then the region would not have been opened up to a larger tourism market.

The French Statistical body estimated that in 2021, there were now 501,000 second homes in the new Occitanie region (which is the enlarged administrative region encompassing the Languedoc, Toulouse and the Lot department). This represents one in seven houses in the region.

In the Herault department (which covers such cities and towns as Montpellier, Beziers, Pezenas and Cap d'Agde), there are now 113,000 holiday homes and the Pyrenees-Orientales department around Perpignan has over 87,000 second homes. Over one in ten of these holiday homes are owned by people living outside of France.

Furthermore, during 2022 there were over 12 million overnight stays in hotels across the Occitanie region and 24 million overnight stays at campsites.


Low cost flights to the Languedoc 2023

There are 5 low cost airports in Languedoc Roussillon which provide cheap flights to Languedoc from the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. Most of these airports in Languedoc have been developed by either Ryanair or Easyjet, to take advantage of the low landing fees to provide cheap flights to the South of France from Northern Europe.

With Ryanair and Easyjet still offering great deals on cheap flights to Languedoc airports, now is the time to plan your next holiday in Languedoc Roussillon. 



Easyjet cheap flights to South France from UK & Ireland

easyjet flights franceEasyjet operate the following flights to the South of France from UK and Ireland :

  • London Gatwick to Nice, Toulouse, Montpellier, Toulon and Marseille
  • London Luton to Montpellier and Nice
  • Bristol to Toulouse, Nice and Marseille.
  • Edinburgh airport to Nice airport
  • Belfast to Nice airport (summer season only, 2 flights per week)
  • Liverpool to Nice airport (seasonal, 27 March to 28 October 2023)


Ryanair cheap flights to South France from UK & Ireland

Ryanair operate the following flights to South France from UK and Ireland :

  • London Stansted to Toulouse and Nimes
  • London Luton to Beziers & Nimes
  • Manchester to Marseille, Beziers and Carcassonne
  • Birmingham to Toulouse and Perpignan
  • East Midlands to Carcassonne and Marseille
  • Bournemouth to Carcassonne
  • Edinburgh to Toulouse, Carcassonne, Nimes, Beziers & Marseille
  • Bristol to Beziers and Marseille
  • Dublin to Toulouse




Airports Languedoc Roussillon:  Nimes airport

nimes airport2This former naval airbase has been developed into Nîmes Airport in recent years. What is amazing is the number of names that Nimes airport calls itself: Nimes airport or Nîmes–Alès–Camargue–Cévennes Airport or Garons Airport or Nîmes Garons Airport (that is what happens when you have a local government committee running an airport!!).

Nimes airport is located 9 km south-southeast of the city of Nîmes in the village of Saint-Gilles near Garons. The airport operates flights from 6 destinations and helps to serve a catchment area of the Provence region, Avignon, Arles, the Camargue, the Cévennes and the wider Gard department. 

Nimes airport in South France is quite handy to reach holiday villas in Provence as well as the Gard department of France. You can find our full listings of cottages and villas to rent near Nimes airport here:


Nimes airport primarily operates commercial flights with Ryanair and it also continues to serve as a naval air base. 

Cheap flights to Nimes airport can be found from the following destinations:

  • London Stansted and Edinburgh, UK
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Fez and Marrakech, Morocco
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Dublin, Ireland


Summer 2023 flights from UK to Nimes airport France

This is the 2023 schedule of summer flights to Nimes airport in South France:

  • London Stansted airport to Nimes airport (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday flights -  from 28 March to 28 October 2023)
  • Edinburgh airport to Nimes airport (Wednesday and Saturday flights -  from 28 March to 28 October 2023)
  • Dublin airport to Nimes airport (Monday and Thursday flights - from 1 May to 26 October 2023)



Airports in Languedoc Roussillon: Montpellier airport

montpellier airportThe city of Montpellier is the fastest growing city in France. The population of Montpellier has doubled in size since 1965 and the city recently overtook Strasbourg as the 7th biggest city in France.

So it is no surprise that Montpellier airport has developed rapidly over the last 20 years. The regional government has sought to expand the airport in Montpellier, to not only cater for existing businesses in the city, but also to attract further inward investment.

Montpellier airport is now the largest and most developed of the Languedoc airports and serves a a regional hub for Air France, as well as Ryanair and Easyjet.

In addition, Montpellier airport also operates flights to the main cities in Europe, including London Stansted, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Copenhagen. Montpellier also operates a schedule of flights to North Africa (Morocco and Algeria).

Cheap flights to Montpellier airport can be found from the following destinations:

  • Algeria, Algers & Oran; 
  • Morocco, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech and Nador. 
  • Belgium, Charleroi.
  • Denmark, Copenhagen. 
  • Corsica - Ajaccio & Bastia, 
  • Croatia - Pula & Dubrovnik
  • France: Brest, Caen, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Rennes, Paris & Strasbourg
  • Germany: Berlin and Frankfurt
  • Greece, Athens and Heraklion.
  • Holland: Amsterdam & Rotterdam
  • Italy: Rome
  • Madeira
  • Malta
  • Portugal - Lisbon.
  • Spain: Madrid and Seville
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Switzerland: Basel-Mulhouse
  • Tunisia: Tunis
  • UK: London Gatwick and London Luton


2023 cheap flights to Montpellier airport France

This is the schedule of 2023 cheap flights to Montpellier airport in South France. We have highlighted the Saturday flights to coincide with holiday villas that have a Saturday changeover during the high season:

  • London Gatwick airport to Montpellier airport (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday flights - all year; + Daily flights - 15 February to 30 November 2023)
  • London Luton to Montpellier airport France (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (2 flights) - 27 June to 2 September 2023)


Montpellier, France, is a great city to visit for a long weekend break or a summer vacation. Montpellier has it all. The beaches are just 10 km from the city centre. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The historic centre of the city is full of life and has excellent restaurants, bars and shops. There are many cultural activities including a world famous art gallery (Musee Fabre), a stunning Opera house, live music venues and summer arts festivals covering film, dance, theatre and classical music. You have all of this, plus 300 days of sunshine a year! It is easy to see why Montpellier has become the fastest growing city in France.

Visit our collection of Montpellier apartments and villas to rent in France for a weekend break or summer vacation: Montpellier holiday villas and apartments to rent during summer 2023



Low cost flights to airports Languedoc Roussillon: Beziers

beziers airportThe Béziers Cap d’Agde airport in the Languedoc is a small airport that has expanded rapidly since 2010. The airport now receives over 250,000 passengers per year. Cheap flights to Beziers airport France can be found from 9 international destinations:

  • Paris Beauvais, France
  • Bristol, UK
  • London, UK
  • Manchester, UK
  • Edinburgh, UK
  • Dusseldorf Weeze, Germany
  • Stockholm Skavsta, Sweden
  • Brussels, Belgium

All of these flights are operated by Ryanair. Beziers airport is located just a short taxi ride from Beziers city centre and it is also has a regular bus service to local towns such as Agde, Cap d'Agde, Vias and Marseillan.


Summer 2023 flights from UK to Beziers airport France

This is the summer 2023 schedule of Ryanair flights to Beziers airport in South France:

  • Edinburgh airport to Beziers airport (Monday and Thursday flights - 1 June to 30 September)
  • Bristol airport to Beziers airport (Sunday and Wednesday flights - 27 March to 26 October 2023; + Monday and Friday flights - 1 June to 30 September)
  • London Luton to Beziers airport (Sunday and Wednesday flights - all year)
  • London Stansted to Beziers airport France (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday flights - 1 June to 30 September)
  • Manchester airport to Beziers airport (Monday and Thursday flights - 27 March to 26 October 2023; + Saturday flights - 1 June to 30 September)


Beziers is reputedly, the oldest town in France. It is the capital of the Languedoc wine region - the largest wine producing area in the World, accounting for over 30% of all French wines sold. The centre of the town has recently undergone a much needed make-over and investment is flooding into the town. Beziers is tipped to take over from nearby Montpellier as the next property investment hotspot in Southern France. It is certainly a pleasant place to walk around, with wide avenues, spacious squares and stunning views over the Orb River to the surrounding vineyards. With a passionate following for the local Rugby team and an equally passionate summer festival (the Feria), the local inhabitants (the Biterrois) certainly know how to enjoy the good things in life. The local beaches are just 10 kms away, the wines from the nearby vineyards are excellent and the seafood from the local Etang du Thau (a salt water lake in between Beziers and Sete) is famous throughout France.

Beziers airport is a great option for reach some of the Mediterranean beach resorts along the coast, such as Cap d'Agde, Vias Plage, Marseillan Plage and Serignan. Surrounding Beziers, you also have some beautiful medieval towns and villages such as Pezenas, Margon, Caux, Neffies and Nezignan l'Eveque. You can find a good selection of holiday properties to rent within 25 mins of Beziers airport here: Villas near Beziers airport France.



Airports in Languedoc Roussillon: Perpignan airport

perpignan airportPerpignan airport is the Southern most airport in mainland France. The airport at Perpignan has recently undergone a much need refurbishment and it has expanded its schedule of flights. Cheap flights to Perpignan airport can be found from the following destinations:

  • Marrakech, Morocco (Ryanair)
  • Agadir, Morocco (Ryanair)
  • Paris Orly (Air France)
  • Nantes, France (Air France)
  • Lille, France (Air France)
  • Brussels-Charleroi, Belgium (with Ryanair)
  • London Stansted, UK (with Ryanair)
  • Birmingham, UK (with Ryanair)
  • Leeds-Bradford, UK (Ryanair)
  • Dublin, Ireland (Aer Lingus)


2023 Summer flights from UK to Perpignan airport France

This is the schedule of 2023 flights to Perpignan airport in South France:

  • Birmingham airport to Perpignan airport (Thursday and Sunday flights - during 1 Jun-26 Oct 2023)
  • Leeds-Bradford to Perpignan airport (Thursday and Sunday flights - during 1 Jun-26 Oct 2023)
  • London Stansted to Perpignan airport France (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday flights - during 26 Mar-27 Oct 2023)
  • Dublin airport to Perpignan airport (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday flights - 3 May-30 Sept 2023

Perpignan airport is located just 10 minutes outside the city of Perpignan. The nearby countryside is beautiful and the perfect place for a summer vacation. The wide sandy beaches near to Perpignan are perfect for young children and the rocky coves and crystal water on the Cote Vermeille (which runs down to the Spanish border) are absolutely stunning. I have picked out some of the best villas, apartments and gites to rent near Perpignan this summer: 8 Perpignan villas to rent France



Languedoc airports: Carcassonne airport

carcassonne airportI think that Carcassonne airport must be a hidden secret, because we often get customers asking us where the nearest airport to Carcassonne is. Either that or the PR Manager at Carcassonne airport needs to be fired. Carcassonne is a small regional airport that like Beziers airport, has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to Ryanair.

The biggest attraction of Carcassonne is the famous castle. The castle is so big that it contains within its walls an amphitheatre, church, hotel, numerous restaurants and a small town. The castle holds one of the best firework displays outside of Paris, on Bastille Day (14 July).

Near to Carcassonne, you also have some interesting places to visit, such as:

  • Mirepoix - a beautiful medieval town with an amazing market every Monday
  • Canal du Midi - the famous tree-lined canal which snakes across the South of France from Toulouse to the Mediterranean coast
  • Minerve - an historic village once populated by the local Cathars
  • Minervois wine region - which produces some of the finest wines in the area, including one which was voted the World's best wine!
  • Stunning local villages such as LagrasseCaunes-MinervoisMontouliersSonnac sur l´Hers and St Jean de Minervois

We have collected together some of the best villas to rent close to Carcassonne airport for summer 2023: visit 9 best villas to rent Carcassonne France 


Cheap flights to Carcassonne airport can be found from the following destinations: 

  • Bournemouth, UK (Ryanair)
  • Porto, Portugal (Ryanair)
  • Cork, Ireland (Ryanair)
  • Cagliari, Sardinia (Ryanair)
  • London, UK (Ryanair)
  • Charleroi, Belgium (Ryanair)
  • Dublin, Ireland (Ryanair)
  • East Midlands, UK (Ryanair)


Summer 2023 flights to Carcassonne airport France

This is the 2023 summer schedule of Ryanair flights to Carcassonne airport in South France. We have highlighted the Saturday flights to coincide with holiday villas that have a Saturday changeover during the high season:

  • East Midlands airport to Carcassonne airport (Monday and Thursday flights during 1 June to 326 October 2023)
  • Edinburgh airport to Carcassonne airport (Monday and Thursday flights from 1 June to 28 September 2023)
  • Bournemouth airport to Carcassonne airport (Monday and Friday flights from 1 May to 27 October 2023)
  • London Stansted to Carcassonne airport (Friday and Sunday flights all year round; + Monday and Wednesday flights during 27 March-28 Oct 2023; + Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday flights during 1 June-30 Sept 2023)
  • Dublin airport to Carcassonne airport (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday flights - from 25 March to 28 October 2023)



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