• 6 long term rentals properties in Marseillan, South France

    marseillan365Marseillan in South France is always popular with our customers searching for long term rentals in France. Here we highlight some properties to rent long term in Marseillan, South France. This picturesque coastal town in the South of France,

  • Best Languedoc restaurants in Marseillan

    marseillan restaurants france366Marseillan is a nice port town situated on the banks of the Etang de Thau, just 3kms inland from the Mediterranean coast. Marseillan has a lovely port area where you will find many restaurants and cafes to sit and watch the world go by. Here are

  • La Maison de Camille, Marseillan restaurant Languedoc

    x maison camilleLa Maison de Camile restaurant/cafe is run by very friendly people and is located right on the port side. The decor is very stylish and La Maison de Camille is a nice place to have a drink during the day or have a simple meal at night. We have only ever had drinks here and crepes for our boys, but I would like to try it during the evening. It would be a great place just to watch the world go

  • La Taverne de Port, Marseiilan restaurant, Languedoc

    x taverne du portNow I have never been here and the main reason forthis is that whenever I go past La Taverne de Port, it is always jammed full (always a good sign). It is only a small place, but the atmoosphere looks good. The menu seems to lean towards fish and shellfish (which makes sense given you are sitting on the edge of the best oyster and mussel producing lake in France). Also, people we know in

  • Le Chateau du Port, Marseillan restaurant, Languedoc

    x chateau du port

    Friends bought us a meal at La Chateau du Port as a joint birthday gift. It was a few years back when we were really struggling for money whilst we were building up the website, so it was very much appreciated. I cannot remember much about it, other than the wine was extremely good and the food was a good standard, (but without being spectacular). The inside is very chic and it is

  • Table d'Emilie, Marseillan restaurant, South France

    table emilieWhat a great little place this is. Tucked in the narrow streets in the heart of the port town of Marseillan, Table d'Emilie restaurant was recommended to us by many friends who raved about it. It took us around 3 years to actually get to go there, but we were very impressed. The lunch time menus start from around €19 a head.