• Best Languedoc restaurants Carcassonne medieval city: La Marquière

    la mariqiere restaurants carcassonneI have never eaten here, but friends of ours reckon that it is the pick of the Languedoc restaurants in Carcassonne's medieval city. This family-run bistro serves classy, beautifully presented French cuisine in an

  • Best Languedoc restaurants Carcassonne: Chez Saskia

    chez saskia carcassonne restaurantsThis little Languedoc restaurant next to the Hotel de la Cité inside Carcassonne's castle walls, offers classic French dining. Here you will find a proper cassoulet (not the poor imitations cooked up down the road).

  • Best restaurants Carcassonne

    chez saskia carcassonne restaurantsIf you are coming to Carcassonne on vacation and you want some tips on the best restaurants in Carcassonne to eat, we have selected some of the best restaurants in Carcassonne's medieval city and in the town itself. The cuisine in Carcassonne and the Aude region leans heavily on authentic local produce.  

  • Best South of France cities to visit

    beziers1If you are planning a trip to France this year and you are looking for ideas about the best South of France cities to visit on your tour, then we have compiled a guide to what we think are the 20 Best South France cities to visit. After Paris, the South of France is an

  • Best South of France cities to visit

    beziers city southern franceThe South of France is home to some of the most picturesque cities in France to visit. Apart from the well-known cities such as Nice, Cannes and Marseille, you will find a wealth of beautiful French cities to visit. Outside of the summer, a visit to the

  • Carcassonne houses to rent in France long term

    carcassonne3Carcassonne is a good spot to be based near for a long term rental in the South of France. Not only do you have one of France's most prominent tourist sites on your doorstep, but you are also blessed with picturesque scenary, the Minervois wine region (one of the best in the South of france) and the Canal du Midi - the quintessential picture of the slow South of France way of life.

  • Carcassonne long term rentals France

    carcassonne2Carcassonne is a good spot to choose for long term rentals in France. Not only do you have one of France's most prominent tourist sites on your doorstep, but you are also blessed with beautiful countryside, a good road and rail network, a local airport, as well as proximity

  • Flights to Carcassonne airport France

    carcassonne airportCarcassonne airport provides cheap flights to Languedoc and the South of France, mainly through Ryanair, but also with Iberia to Alicante and Atlas to Algeria. Carcassonne airport has grown enormously over the last 10 years, mainly thanks to its association with Ryanair.

  • Holidays in Carcassonne vacation villa rentals

    carcassonne3If you are looking for a good base for a holiday in the South of France, Carcassonne is ideal. Not only do you have the wonderful Carcassonne castle on your doorstep, but you are also in striking distance of the Mediterranean beaches, Cathar ruins,

  • Hungry Fox restaurant, Cuxac-Cabardes near Carcassonne

    hungry fox interior 366The Hungry Fox restaurant located in the quaint village of Cuxac-Cabardes, close to Carcassonne has a gained a good reputation amongst the locals for lovely food and excellent value for money. This family run restaurant is famous for it's pizzas, made fresh on site by the chef.

  • Languedoc restaurants in Carcassonne: Cuisine Jardinière de Saisons

    robert rodrigues carcassone restaurantRobert Rodriguez's Languedoc restaurant in Carcassonne is described in the Michelin guide as "An authentic bistro, friendly and beautifully retro. The chef prefers to use organic products and dishes are very generous and

  • Minervois wine, South France

    minervois winesThe Minervois wine region located in a triangle between Narbonne, Carcassonne and Beziers has been consistently turning out outstanding Languedoc wines for the last two decades. The Minervois wines are now firmly established as some of the premier wines in Languedoc. The Domus Maximus wine, from the Minervois wine region was voted the 'best wine in the world' by Wine critics in 2009.

  • Tourist information Carcassonne: what to see in Carcassonne

    x carcassonneCarcassonne's wonderful castle is certainly what you come to Carcassonne to see, but there are many other things to see in Carcassonne, France. Carcassonne's castle is one of the top tourist attractions in France. It is only when you arrive that you can get a true

  • Where to go in the South of France

    menton beachIf you are planning your summer holidays for 2018 and you are looking for information on where to go in the South of France, then just follow our handy guide of the very best places to visit. We have grouped these South France tourist attractions into distinct