Central Beziers, long term furnished apartment rental South France Beziers, , Languedoc-Roussillon, 34000, France +33 (0)6 95 00 28 44
Long term rental Monthly from / Sleeps 4-6 / Minimum days 30 Maximum days 352 / Min people 1 Max people 4 / 30 162.5 Monday, 31 December 2029
Central Beziers, long term furnished apartment rental South France Beziers, , Languedoc-Roussillon, 34000, France +33 (0)6 95 00 28 44 162.50€ - 162.50€ Anon 4.75 10 Lovely location! Modern apartment in a well looked after block in a lovely part of Beziers. Mrs T 2019
  • Airport nearby
  • Historic property
  • Shops nearby
  • All year rentals
  • Restaurants nearby

Property description

Right in the centre of Beziers you will find this wonderful, large, fourth floor apartment rental. This property is ideal if you are searching for a long term furnished apartment rental in South France. This apartment rental is well-suited to writers or academics on sabbatical. Beziers is an atmospheric Southern French town, close to Montpellier, Nimes, Narbonne and Carcassonne, as well as the Mediterranean beaches.


  • Beach nearby
  • Rents all year
  • Terrace
  • Washing machine
  • 1 bath
  • 2 bed

Area activities

Long term furnished apartment rental South France is in Beziers. A town of over 70,000 inhabitants, at the centre of a group of communities with 102,000 inhabitants, Beziers France lies at the heart of a very popular tourist region.Throughout Languedoc Beziers is known for two things in particular: wine and bullfighting.

Undoubtedly the best time to visit this town, which sits atop a rocky spur overlooking the great plain of the Herault department, is during the four-day long feria when you can combine both! Beziers is also perfectly situated for excursions into the Haut Languedoc, a rugged and untamed mountainous region of picturesque stone villages and cascading mountain streams.

Shopping - Beziers is an excellent town for shopping. It has shops and stores of all sizes, from the Galeries Lafayette department store to small trendy boutiques. One large toy store specializes in wooden toys and creative toys.

Canal du Midi - The Canal du Midi passes alongside Beziers, just beside the railway station. A couple of the most interesting features of the Canal are located here as well, in the area just past the station. Canal River Bridge - The canal crosses over the Orb river in what is billed as a world´s first. This "bridge" that carries the Canal du Midi over the top of the river was built in 1858, one of the many engineering marvels along the Canal´s 400 km length. Fonseranes Locks - Of the 63 locks of the Canal du Midi, the 9 closely-grouped Fonseranes locks are among the most famous, and probably the most picturesque.


Check in times

Driving directions


It is easy to reach long term apartment rental South of France, you can fly to:

Carcassonne (50 mins)

Perpignan (50 mins)

Toulouse (1 hr. 40 mins)

Montpellier (1 hr. 50 mins)

Girona " Spain (2 hours approx)

Beziers (20 mins)



Other transport

Booking terms

Booking terms for long term apartment rental South France are as follwos.

One month´s rent as a securitry deposit, rent paid monthly in advance.