south france long term rentalIf you are looking for a long term rental in the South of France, perhaps whilst you search for a house to buy or come for a long vacation, then we have a number of long term let properties.


At Go Languedoc we make sure that all our long term rental properties are properly equipped for a long term let. You will see some items below that offer a checklist on what to look out for if you are considering a long term rental.


Go Languedoc's long term rentals in the South of France:


Nezignan L'Eveque village house for long lets, France

Roujan long term letThis recently refurbished village house for long lets, France, is located in the heart of the medieval village of Nezignan L'Eveque. If you are looking for properties for long lets in France, then this house is a good option because it is conveniently located close to the popular town of Pezenas in South France and is just 15 minutes to the beach and 5 minutes to the autoroute. This house for long lets, France, is arranged over 3 floors and can sleep 6 in 3 double bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own en suite shower room

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Fouzilhon, France, rentals long term with storage

Long term house rental franceThis house in Fouzilhon, France, is available for rentals long term (3-6 months minimum stay). The house has recently been refurbished and is an excellent option if you are looking to rent long term in South France. This house for rental long term has two double bedrooms and a newly installed shower room with toilet. There is a comfortable lounge and a newly fitted kitchen. Outside the property there are two terraces, plus a garden. Underneath the house there is a large cave which provides excellent storage. Fouzilhon is a lovely village in South France, near to Beziers and Pezenas and surrounded by vineyards.

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Capestang long term rental South of France

Gabian long term letThis long term rental South of France is in Capestang. The house is stone built and terraced, and is comparatively cool in the Summer and warm in winter. All the main rooms have electric convector heaters. It is fully furnished and equipped to a high standard. Whether house hunting or having an extended holiday this property is ideal.

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Long term rentals in France, Aumes

Pezenas long term rentalThis house for long term rentals in France sleeps 8 people and is a village house with swimming pool and walled garden The long term rentals in France sleeps 8 and has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on three floors. Situated in the village of Aumes just outside Pezenas and is ideally located if house hunting or having an extended holiday.

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South France long term let, Nizas

Roujan long term letThis South France long term let is a large spacious village house with pool, garden and terrace and is in the charming village of Nizas, near to Pezenas in the South of France. Sleeps 8, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, aircon, heating and internet. The South France long term rental is arranged over 2 floors and has a courtyard with seating and another large area with pool. There is also a terrace off one of the bedrooms.

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What to look for in a Long Term Let?

  • Good cooking facilities
  • Large refrigerator/freezer
  • Washing machine/dryer
  • Telephone & internet
  • Indoor & outdoor seating
  • Close to a Supermarket
  • Car parking
  • Heating for winter

Checklist questions for long term lets ?


What is the area like in the winter?

Many French towns and villages are quite different once the tourists have left at the end of summer. If you are renting 'out of season' just ask the question? A Long term let is different from a holiday rental and you want to make sure that you see more than one person a day. Even our village, Nezignan L'Eveque, which is a lively little place gets noticeably quieter from October through to March with about 20% of the houses closed up. So just make sure that your proposed long term rental does offer some signs of life in the winter months


Is the holiday home equipped for a long term rental?

What linen and crockery is provided and is it sufficient? Is there decent lighting for those longer winter evenings? Is there enough storage facilities? Is there adequate heating for the winter months? Many holiday homes in the South of France are very simply equipped and lack decent insulation. Whilst open bLong term rentaleamed roofs exposing the clay ceiling tiles maybe charming in the summer, you will not think so in the midst of winter. Our previous long term rental house was like a fridge in the winter. Also check that the fireplace works. All landlords in France have to get a certificate proving that the chimney is useable. Another trick to be wary of is to be proudly shown the electric wall heaters in every room as proof that the house is suitable for a long term let. If you are renting a house long term in France over the winter don't even think of turning these heaters on! - they drain money quicker than they heat up the room. Electricity in France is ruinously expensive. Everyone down here in the winter either picks up drift wood off the beach (there is huge quantities of it after there has been a storm), burns vine wood (burns well and gives off a beautiful smell) or uses small oil or gas cylinder heaters. I am sure that you will be fine, but it is better to be warned in advance.


What is included in the long term rental cost?

How and when are utilities charged ? What extras do you need to pay for: logs, linen, gas cylinders? Are local taxes included? Ensure you are fully advised as to what exactly is included in your monthly rental and what is payable as an extra. In France there are two property taxes, (taxe d'habitacion and taxe fonciere - see French property taxes) make sure that you don't get stuck for either of them within your long term rental contract. Get the Landlord to pay.


What deposit is required for the long term rental and when?

Ah, this is a real moot point with us. We rented a house long term in France for 14 months. Everything was sweetness and light until we came to move out and our Landlord turned into Dr Jackal. In particular be wary of clauses in the rental contract that call for you to "return the property back to the condition in which you found it" as this makes no allowance for wear and tear and you could find, like we did, that the most unbelievable deductions are taken out of your deposit. We almost ended up in court over the matter. Again you shouldn't find too many problems and most Landlords are reasonable people, but make sure you check through your long term rental contract thoroughly before signing it.