• Best Languedoc Museums

    art nimesIf you are a lover of history then you are in luck in the South of France. There are some excellent Languedoc museums covering a range of historical periods from the Dinosaurs through to the local resistance movement of the Second World War. Here is just a selection of our favourite 5 Languedoc museums.

  • Best Languedoc museums: Villa Loupian

    loupianThe excellent Villa Loupian Site Gallo-Romain museum of a Roman settlement in Languedoc provides an excellent day out for you and the children.

  • Best South France art galleries

    languedoc art museumsThe South of France has been home to a wide range of famous artists throughout history. Towns such as Arles, Montpellier, Toulouse, Collioure and Ceret all boastan impressive art heritage. Van Gogh, Gaughin, Picasso, Lautrec, Chagall, Miro, the Fauvist movement, and the Cubists group of painters have all come to work in the South of Francefor the "special

  • Exceptional historical sites in Languedoc France

    arles roman baths365The Languedoc is an amazing historical region of France to discover. It has more historic sites to explore than any other region of France outside of Paris. Within the Languedoc, there are 6 UNESCO World heritage sites, as well as numerous other tourist sites covering Paleolithic cave paintings, Roman monuments, Cathar ruins, medieval hilltop villages and remnants from the early industrial

  • Serignan art museum

    serignan artThe little Languedoc coastal town of Serignan, just south of Beziers, is home to not only a modern art gallery, but also a popular contemporary theatre. In the centre of Serignan, a small hard working old Languedoc wine town, you will find a modern art

  • South France festivals: Festival d'Avignon

    avignon festival3For lovers of theatre, dance and contemporary art, the Festival d'Avignon remains a major yearly event. The 70th Festival d'Avignon will take place from 2nd to 31st July 2016. The Festival d'Avignon is becoming a major international event for this beautiful city in South France.

  • South France places to visit: Musee de l'Arles Antique

    arles archeology museum366I reckon that Musee de l'Arles Antique,  Arles' archeology museum, is one of the best modern buildings I have seen. It was designed by Henri Ciriani and looks brilliant. It is a shame the inside exhibitions are not quite up to the

  • Things to do in Languedoc region: Musee Rigaud

    musee rigaudOne of the most interesting Art Museums in Southern France is Musee Riguad in Perpignan. This old 17th century Palace, was originally the workshop of the artist Hyacinthe Rigaud, a favourite of the court of Louis XIV. But it later served as a studio

  • Things to do in Montpellier France: Musee Fabre

    musee fabreMontpellier's famed Modern Art Museum, Musee Fabre, has just completed a Euros 62m facelift. The museum has added a new wing and constructed a new walkway up to Musee Fabre. If you are looking for things

  • Things to do in Southern France: Carre d'Art, Nimes

    carre d artNimes' modern art museum, the Carre d'Art, was built in 1993 by English architect Norman Foster. The museum quickly established itself as one of the best museums of contemporary art in South France. Musee Carré d'Art hosts a number of visiting

  • Things to do Languedoc: Collioure Art trail

    collioure art trail366Collioure has in the past been home to an immpressive array of artistic talent, attracted by Collioure's "special light". Luminaries feature Matisse, Picasso, Dufy, Derain, Rennie McIntosh and Maillol. With

  • Van Gogh in Arles

    van gogh arlesIn 1888 van Gogh left Paris for Provence. Here, in collaboration with Paul Gaugin he painted some of his most impressive works. It was also the scene of his famous "ear cutting" act and his decline into mental illness.

  • Van Gogh in Saint Remy de Provence

    starry night st remyVan Gogh spent time in two places in the South of France: St Remy de Provence and Arles. In 1889, following the infamous incident where he cut off part of his ear, he was brought to the asylum in St Remy by a priest and his doctor and here he stayed for 12 months.

  • Van Gogh in the South of France

    van goghVan Gogh is linked to two main places in the South of France: Arles and Saint Remy de Provence. He had initially traveled to the South of France from Paris in the hope of improving his health and to establish a "studio in the South".