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domaine du meteore wine tasting franceI would like to share with you a great local tip about an exceptional vineyard in the South of France where you can enjoy a wine tasting with some local food. We love our wine at Go Languedoc, so during our hectic schedule this summer we managed to squeeze in a wine tasting at Domaine Du Meteore, which is located up in the Languedoc hills, just above Beziers, in the small village of Cabrerolles.

Domaine du Meteore vineyard in South France

If you are looking for a local wine producer in the South France who produces something very different from the rest, then we very much recommend Domaine du Meteore. As the name suggests, the vineyard is located on a gentle sloping hill which features a 200 metre wide Meteore crater, which plunged into the earth about 10,000 years ago. The vines grow all around the crater (as well as inside it). The rock and mineral deposits in the soil, as well as the location of the grapes 300 metres above sea level, create a unique flavour in the wines.

I was once told - I don't know if it is true - that the worse the soil, the better the wines. The theory is that the harder the roots of the vines have to go in search of water, the better the quality of the grapes.

In this part of Southern France there is a very small wine producing region called the Faugères. I have always noticed that when French friends come to dinner, they always bring a bottle of Faugères and it is always excellent. The soil in the Faugères is incredibly rocky and contains a lot of schist - which is a flat stone formed from mud-stone and containing a lot of minerals which sparkle in the sunlight. This gives the wines a unique quality to them

The vineyards of Domaine du Meteore span both the Faugères wine region and the adjoining wine appelation of Saint-Chinian. The Domaine produces a range of Organic wines which are very soft in texture. The Domaine is owned by Paul Jarman and Paul Jenkins, two London-based doctors and wine enthusiasts who have known the area well for many years. The wines are produced under the careful guidance of Jean Natoli, one of the Languedoc’s most influential wine consultants.

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Wine tastings at Domaine du Meteore Southern France

I visited Domaine du Meteore with 3 friends on Tuesday afternoon. The plan was to sample some wine and have a picnic lunch in the vineyards. What I didn't expect was how professional the food was prepared and just how beautiful the location was.

meteore wines south franceIt was a warm summers day and we had quite the thirst when we arrived. Corinne was there to great us and we went straight into the lovely cool tasting area, surrounded by plenty of wine casks and and elegant wine bottles.
First up was the white wine. This was a very crisp and refreshing wine. Our favourite was the Lyrides. Second up was the Rose and we devoured the Meteore Rose, absolutely delicious! So soft. Third, was the red, which was surprisingly refreshing. The firm favourite of the group was the Perseides.

Following the tasting we had a picnic lunch at just €15 euros per person it was fantastic value and they catered for all our individual dietary requirements, as we were a complex crowd, 2 veggies & a lactose intolerance. The meal included fresh Salmon, anchovies, cheeses, charcuterie and a homemade hummus which was to die for.


Domaine du Meteore vineyard tours & tastings

You can find Domaine du Meteore at: 

9 Route d’Aigues Vive, Cabrerolles 34480

The vineyard is open from 10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. For availability, please make a reservation at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone: +33 467 902 112

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