Best South of France beaches to visit in 2020

8 best beaches near Perpignan, France

le franqui beaches PerpignanPerpignan is situated 8kms inland from the Mediterranean coast. If you are looking for the best beaches near Perpignan, France, to visit in 2022, then there are many to choose from, but they are of varying quality. To the north of Perpignan, France, the beaches tend to be wide and flat and often prone to a lot of wind. Thus beaches such as Le Franqui and Le Barcares tend to be popular with wind surfers and kite surfers. 

8 best beaches to visit near Perpignan, France  

  1. Le Franqui beach Perpignan
  2. Leucate plage beach near Perpignan
  3. Le Barcarès beaches around Perpignan
  4. Perpignan beaches - Torreilles beach
  5. Canet Plage beach resort Perpignan
  6. St Cyprien Plage beach
  7. Argeles sur Mer beaches near Perpignan
  8. Perpignan beaches - Collioure


Some of the popular beach resorts near Perpignan, such as Argeles sur Mer, St Cyprien and Canet Plage tend to be more popular with families. In my opinion, the best beaches Perpignan has to offer are on the Cote Vermeille, to the south of the City, where the dramatic scenary of the Pyrenees provides an interesting back drop to the beaches. The water here tends to be clearer as well. During the height of the summer, the beaches around Perpignan tend to get very busy, especially in the late afternoon as the Perpignanaise, head to the beach after work.

Best beaches to visit near Perpignan 2022 

Here is a selection of the 8 best beaches to visit near Perpignan (in no particular order).

1. Best beaches near Perpignan: Le Franqui

le franqui plageVery popular with wind surfers, La Franqui's beach is large and wide, with fine sand. There are two beaches, one just in front of a sweet village, and one further up the coast that is bordered by the sea on one side, and the etang (inland lake) on the other. The result is a long strip of 2-sided beach. It's windy here (thus the wind surfers) with pretty surroundings and relaxed, friendly restaurants.









2. Best beaches near Perpignan: Leucate plage

leucate plageLeucate Plage is a large beach that is ringed with beach houses and trees at the rear. Situated between Port Nouvelle and Le Barcarès, Leucate plage is probably the pick of the beaches North of Perpignan. Leucate Plage has two beaches, a nudist beach situated towards the rocky breakwater and the main beach. Due to the wind that can sometimes blow across this region of Southern France, Leucate Plage is a popular resort for wind surfers, and boards can be hired in the town.

 The beach at Leucate Plage is pretty good and the trees surrounding the beach provides some degree of interest. I am not much of a sunbather myself, so it is a good beach to walk along and people watch (although I think that the nudists protest too much!).







3. Best beaches Perpignan: Le Barcarès

le bacares plageLe Baracares beach has a coastal village feel about it and it is a welcome alternative to the resorts of Port Leucate and Port Barcares. The beach is very wide so you can always find a spot, although the man-made nature of the beach can make it feel a bit gritty. Le Barcares has plenty of bars, restaurants and shops nearby, as well as attractions for the kids. You can hire jet skis at the port nearby, and mini golf isn't far.








4. Best Perpignan France beaches: Torreilles beach

torrielles beachTorreilles beach is probably one of the most interesting beaches near Perpignan. I love the wild feel it has with the sand dunes at the back of the beach. It also doesn't get as crowded as Canet Plage and the view of the Pyrenees in the distance breaks up the monotony of the sand. There are also one or two beach bars at the back of the beach, where you can slope off to and hide from the kids. I always try and make my kids fill up a bucket full of sea shells before they can comeup to the bar to get an ice cream. I tell you Torreilles beach doesn't have many shells so this can keep them going for hours!








5. Canet Plage - beach resorts near Perpignan

perpignan beachesPerpignan's local beach is a huge expanse of sand. The beach itself is not particularly interesting, but the sand is fine and the beach is deep and long enough to find your own spot. The resort of Canet has a decidely down-at-heel feel about it, partly due to the (over-) development of holiday apartments and tacky shops. However, you are not spoilt for choice for restaurants restaurants and there are plenty of play areas for children and bars and cafes to grab a drink. The beach at Canet Plage does tend to get very busy in the summer, especially around late afternoon as half of Perpignan descends on the beach.








6. Best beaches near Perpignan: St Cyprien Plage

x argeles plage2St Cyprien's beaches near Perpignan - North, Central and South (also known as Plage de la Lagune) are always popular with holidaymakers. Probably the North and South sections of the beach are the best as they tend to be quieter and the sand stretches on for miles. The views of the Pyrenees to the southern side of the St Cyprien beaches also helps to make these beaches stand out. The sandy North beach is the biggest of the 3 beaches and the Central part of the beach is the commercial heart of St Cyprien Plage - with lots of shops and restaurants. Like all of Perpignan, France,  beaches, it's quite windy on St Cyprien at times, but this also makes it a popular resort with kite surfers. 








7. Argeles sur Mer - beach resorts near Perpignan

x argeles plageArgeles sur Mer beach, South of France, is a broad sweeping bay that looks out onto the Pyrenees and the warm Mediterranean. Argeles Plage is one of the best beaches near Perpignan and has a blue flag award to recognise the quality of the water and cleanliness of the beach. Argeles-sur-Mer itself has along with nearby Canet, become a major Mediterranean beach resort, with excellent facilities and a big harbour area. The town also boasts some excellent restaurants and decent shops. See also Best Languedoc beaches for information on the best South France beaches to visit along the Languedoc coast.

Argeles sur Mer beach is situated on the top end of the Cote Vermeille, the only east facing coastline in France. As a result, the wide sandy beaches are wonderfully sun-drenched and are perfectly framed by the backdrop of the Pyrenees. Argeles sur Mer actually has three beaches. Argeles Plage Nord and Argees Plage des Pins are wide, sandy beaches with plenty of space. Le Racou, to the south is a neat little bay with amazingly blue water. This is where we always head because we like the mountain views to the back and it tends to be less crowded.

Argeles-sur-Mer grew rapidly at the end of the 1930's, as its population was swollen with the arrival of thousands of refugees fleeing Franco's dictatorship in Spain. Many died during the first harsh winter in 1939, and others perished fighting for Spain during the Second World War. Today, Argeles sur Mer is like many other resorts along the Languedoc-Roussillon coast - lots of hotels, tourist entertainment, large marinas, bars and restaurants. Each year the resort receives over 300,000 holiday makers.

8. Best beaches near Perpignan: Collioure

collioure beach2Collioure, with its three beaches has to be up the top of the list as the best beach resort near Perpignan. Although the beaches are small and often busy, the views of the tranquil sea and Pyrennees are spectacular. You also have the wonderful town of Collioure on-hand with its restaurants, boutiques and artist trails to keep you amused. This is one of our favourite Languedoc beaches - others can be found in Best languedoc beaches.

Situated on the sunny Côte Vermeille, the small Catalan coastal town of Collioure has been attracting holidaymakers for over a century. Collioure with its little harbour, famous church and castle and the mazy old town, is the perfect place for a day with the family. You can combine sunbathing, swimming, a nice lunch, a little shopping and a bit of sight seeing all in one go. Collioure is located due south of Perpignan, close to the Spanish border. We alwats find that the best route to follow is to exit the A9 autoroute at Le Boulou and following the signs to Argeles sur Mer (then head in the direction of Banyuls).






Holiday accommodation near Perpignan beaches

If you are looking to come to the Perpignan area this summer to sample the range of beaches near Perpignan, then Go Languedoc has a range of accommodation options close to the beaches in Perpignan. Here is just a sample of the accommodation in Perpignan France available to rent now:

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