French Farmers markets: Organic Market, Pezenas

x pezenas bio marketThe French Farmer's Market in Pezenas, South of France, is held every Saturday. It is one of the best markets for Organic food (Bio produce) in Languedoc. The Pezenas french Farmers Market features a range of local farmers and artisan producers. You will find a wide range of organic food, from vegetables to goat's cheese, honey, wine and herbs. The "Marche Bio" is held in the Place Gambetta, Pezenas.


French Farmers markets: Organic Market, Pezenas

Situated in the beautiful Place Gambetta in the centre of Pezenas, the Farmers market is a great place to stop off and stock up on your fruit and veg before heading to the larger main market that takes over the whole of Pezenas every Saturday morning (see Pezenas Market). Pezenas itself is one of the most beautiful town's in Languedoc, if not the South of France (but I am biased because I live there !!). For more information on Pezenas, please visit the Pezenas Tourism Website.

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