Best South of France sites to visit in 2020

Where to stay in the South of France in 2022

niceIf you are planning your summer holidays to France then follow our guide on where to stay in the South of France in 2022. We have grouped these best places to stay in South of France into distinct regions of the South of France, but to be honest getting around is quite simple. 

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Avignon France tourism information

x avignon palaisAvignon arrived on the World's stage when in 1303 the Vatican decided to move away from the anarchic violence of Rome to the peaceful pastures of Provence. Although they only stayed for 70 years their legacy can still be seen on the beautiful streets of Avignon. Today Avignon is a charming city, with lots of bustling streets and squares. Read on for more useful Avignon, France, tourism information.

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Things to do in Languedoc: Abbaye de Fontfroide

abbaye fontfroidSituated in a small valley, insulated from the outside world, lies the Abbey of Fontfroide. This is one of largest Cistercian monasteries in France and a popular Languedoc site. Its architecturally beautiful buildings are the heritage of the monastic past. Founded in the 11th Century by the Count of Narbonne Abbaye de Fontfroide enjoyed a prosperous existence, before falling into a steady decline.

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