Languedoc Roussillon tourism

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x collioure boatsWith a civilisation stretching back thousands of years, the Languedoc region in France is home to some fantastic historical sites and places to visit. The Canal du Midi, Pont du Gard, Nimes Amphitheatre, historic Arles, Carcassonne's famous citadel and Aigues-Mortes are all UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Romans, the Cathars, the Religious Crusaders and the Huguenot's have all left their imprint on the South of France with some fabulous places to visit and soak up the history. If you are looking for ideas about where to go in South of France or a good checklist of places to visit in South France, then have a good look through our Languedoc Roussillon tourism articles. Here we have selected some of the best Languedoc sites to visit during your holidays in Languedoc Roussillon. 


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